Tree of Life

Well, the people are climbing each other to the top
And the man in the middle beats the drum with all he’s got
And his feet are resting on the shoulders down below
The man at the top’s got the pot, but he’s got nowhere left to go.

Oh, we’re all climbing on the tree of life
Makin’ our world complete from day to day
We’ve got lots to say ‘bout where we’re going
Oh, but then again, who the hell’s to say.

‘Cause we twist and turn just to make our space
Or to run from what we just don’t want to face
And we hope the back below us will not give
While we tell ourselves, “Oh my God, it’s no way to live!”


Well, I’m up on top, won’t you hand me up another plank.
We’re gonna build this ship ‘til it sails away.
But don’t she seem so pretty in her majesty and grace –
We’ll just drink champagne and leave another day.

‘Cause I’m buried on the bottom somewhere south
And my hands can’t even move to feed my mouth
And some big ‘ol fat cat’s steppin’ on my head
I’d ‘ave chosen another path, if I had known where this one led.


Oh, but then again, who the hell’s to say.
Oh my God, who am I to say.

© Jeff Cobb

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