Song of Joy (Live)

Spring green lawn, after the rainLyin’ in bed, feeling no painAs the last drops fall from the oak leavesOn to the hard tin roof I’ve got nothing to do todayAnd I don’t think I would anywayIf you don’t think there’s something biggerWell, here’s your proof Refrain‘Cause this is my song of joyA full-grown man feeling …

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Tree of Life

Well, the people are climbing each other to the topAnd the man in the middle beats the drum with all he’s gotAnd his feet are resting on the shoulders down belowThe man at the top’s got the pot, but he’s got nowhere left to go. Oh, we’re all climbing on the tree of lifeMakin’ our …

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West of Saxapahaw

On a random road, in a random stormTravelin’ where I ain’t been beforeGot down to my knees, hugged the nearest treeAnd said, “I can’t take it anymore.” Won’t you save me Lord, I know I’ve sinnedBut it’s a long road to haul.I need some kind of sign, something to ease my mindDown here west of …

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